I love doing a lot of stuff. Designing customer-focused web experiences and assets. Writing the code to power meaningful interactions. Informing the marketing campaigns built to drive traffic to great pages. Reporting on the what did and didn't work. Starting the process again. Again.

But wait! There's more! Here's a list of things I love doing in no particular order:

  • Shooting and editing video

  • Rapid iteration

  • Brainstorm facilitation

  • Google Analytics / Tag Manager optimizations

  • Cutting and splitting firewood

  • Customizing Wordpress sites / plugins

  • Creating Facebook ads and strategies

  • Building and fostering company cultures

  • Fixing up and riding motorcycles

All in a day's work.

2018 Driver Safety Report


I had the opportunity to design an asset that can influence a company to actually save lives. Also I enjoy designing charts and stats, so it's a win-win!

Brown Wrestling Campaign


With the help of my friend Tim, we created a fund raising site for the Brown Wrestling program. This was originally just a request for a printed donation form, which grew to include the site, the database structure, and a set of email notifications. Go support Brown Wrestling!

The CFO's Guide to Growing Profitability in 2018


The modern CFO is faced with finding ways to strategically cut costs across the organization. To sustain long-term savings and maximize profitability, CFOs must think differently about how they do their jobs.

Mileage Related Lawsuits


I worked with a copy writer and another designer to create this experience. I developed the interactions to help guide the reader through the complicated field of mileage reimbursement.

Chief Value Officer


Procurement Officers face a shifting set of requirements, see how Motus can help mangage them.

Delivery rates are creating legal concern


With the growth of the on-demand economy, delivery drivers need to be reimbursed correctly to avoid lawsuits. Learn more about the landscape in this guide. I designed this based on content from the marketing team.

Transitioning from a fleet vehicle


Transitioning from a fleet vehicle can create a lot of questions, this guide I designed aims to assist business leaders to the right answers.

Driver Safety


Driver safety is a huge concern for the mobile workforce, here's a piece of content I designed to facilitate conversations around the topic.

HR Leader's Guide


Facilitating conversations across an organization is a key part of the sales process, here's a guide I designed and took the cover image for.

Operations leader guide


Vehicle reimbursement programs can be a complicated part of running a business. Here's a guide I designed based on content from the Marketing team.

CFO Flowchart


Finding new ways to engage potential customers is one of the most exciting challenges in my role, here's a piece directed at the CFO persona.

Direct to consumer site.


I collaborated with the Product and Content teams to rapidly create and iterate on the company's first try at direct to consumer selling.



I get to lead the team in charge of the corporate website. I produce all the design and code, and have a great time doing it!

Keeping the weekend weird.

Guy's World

Want to learn about space, but find it too boring? You're in Guy's World now! Every time the NASA E.P.I.C. API is updated, this site is too. WInner-winner!

Clusterfuck Kitchen

A cooking show in a basement.

Be A Chicken

Wolves? No. Lions? Nah. Tigers? Helllll no. Chickens!

The Overall Better

I started a cult and only wore overalls for about a year. Then ended it. Enjoy the journey!

Budlight Emerald

Not as bad as you think.

Neg-8 Ball

Ask a question you're ready to hear no to.


A Twitter-bot that tweets a headline from the past 24 hours, but replaces "Putin" with "Gluten"

Reasons to list

Creates listacle headlines to share on Facebook and scare your relatives until they love you again.

Fast Food Celebs

What's your favorite fast food? Who's your favorite celeb? You're the dreamer of dreams. I'm the Photoshopper of your fears.

I make these videos too.